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Schedule across all your devices.

Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet or your computer to access your calendar, Dentem is synchronized and works in real time to keep you ahead of schedule.

Store electronic dental records securely.

Maintain all your patient records electronically, securely and always at your fingertips. Store patient information including medical history as well as all their imaging all in one place.

Eletronic Dental Records with X Rays Dentem Web Platform
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Simplicity at its finest.

Dentem is the world’s only truly mobile first, easy to use dental practice management application and web based software that will actually save you money and time.

Dentem Innovation Lab

Dx Vision Machine learning algorithm

Dx Vision

Dx Vision is a computer vision algorithm that uses machine learning to analyze dental images.

D Assistant voice enabled virtual assistant

D Assistant

D Assistant is a voice enabled virtual assistant that will help you on repetitive daily tasks.

Want simple clinical tools?

For a simplified CRM, check out Dentem Scheduler.

Spend less time and earn more money while keeping your patients happy. Do it all on the go - access from anywhere, anytime.

Eletronic Dental Records with X Rays Dentem Web Platform